Beanie - Single Origin Decaf - Colombia

Beanie - Single Origin Decaf - Colombia

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Origin: Risalda, Colombia
Cultivar: Castillo, Colombia
Process: Washed, Sugarcane Ethyl Acetate Decaffeinated
Farm/Producer: Local Smallholders
Tasting Notes: Dark Brown Sugar, Maple Syrup, Apple

We believe that just because you choose to drink decaf doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on quality. Our decaffeinated coffee is roasted in a way that will be suitable for all brewing methods.

Risaralda is at the center of Colombia’s “Coffee Triangle”, surrounded by the renowned regions Tolima, Cauca, Quindio and Caladas. This area has the highest concentration of coffee farmers and is home to some of the country’s best beans. The region is aided by its altitude of 1,300 to 1,570 meters above sea level on the edge of the Andes, where the coffee grows in volcanic, nutrient rich soil. Additionally, the region receives ample rainfall and breezes from both the Pacific ocean and Caribbean sea, which create unique microclimates that make the coffee from this region so special and diverse.
  The area has been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site for being an exceptional example of a cultural, sustainable and productive landscape – a historical milestone for the country.

The coffee beans for this decaf first undergo steaming at low pressures to remove the silver skins. They are then soaked in hot water to allow the beans to swell and soften. This step prepares the coffee for hydrolysis, where the caffeine, which is attached to the salts of the chlorogenic acid within the beans, dissolves. Finally the coffee is submerged several times in ethyl acetate solvent (EA). In the case of sugarcane decaf, the ethyl acetate is naturally obtained from the fermentation of sugarcane grown in Colombia and not from chemical synthesis. Once the caffeine is reduced to the desired level, the beans are cleaned to remove the remaining EA and dried to between 10–12%.

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