We’ve just opened our incredible new Maryland roastery in Stratford, East London. Much larger than our old one in Shadwell, it will allow us to more than double our weekly output and improve production. It’s been a project we’ve been working on since the second Covid lockdown ended, so it’s been a long time coming. 

Besides having extra space to hold the majority of our green beans stock, we’re lucky enough to have our very own event space (for our coffee community and the wider community to take advantage of), cupping room and even a dedicated UKBC specification bar set up, offering training and education for baristas - a neutral space for them to push their well-honed skills and competition routines to the next level - as well as the general public and our charitable partners.

Everyone here is so happy - it’s an incredible place to deliver our well-mannered coffee - hopefully we’ll see you here at some point soon.


We roast-to-order (and in small batches) so you always know your beans are roasted fresh and delivered direct from the roastery via first class Royal Mail. 

Exceptional Coffee and traceability Come As Standard

All our coffee comes from trusted farms and producers, who we work tirelessly with to create long-lasting, meaningful relationships with. It’s just how restaurants work with their suppliers, it’s exactly the same for us.

Ethical coffee is key for us and we always look for traceability reports. The farm-to-cup journey is crucial to the final brew.

Coffee Seasonality

Coffee is seasonal. We introduce fresh crop beans throughout the year to ensure we are serving the most flavourful products possible. Each of our coffees (or hats, as we like to call them) has its own unique roasting profile, carefully designed to bring out its best flavour all year round. Hats off to our very brilliant roastery team.

Proudly Roasting

We’re now mainly roasting using a brand new state-of-the-art S35 Loring - the most eco-friendly roaster on the market of that size. Compared to conventional roasters, it delivers up to 80% in fuel-savings and in the reduction of greenhouse gases. The heat transfer of the machine also allows for a longer shelf life as the coffee requires more resting. We did some tests and found out that the “peak” time to brew was after four weeks, with our Probat the resting time was much shorter. We will continue to roast smaller batches (special lots) on the Probat for now, but we are super excited the flavour clarity and overall efficiency the new Loring gives us going forward.

Coffee credentials 

  • SCA member since 2014
  • SCA standard training facility 
  • 12,000 sq.ft. Roastery & training facility 
  • 12kg Probat Roaster
  • 35kg Loring Roaster - 80% more energy efficient than any other roaster on the market.

If you’d like to chat or even pay us a visit for a cup of coffee, please get in touch.