Propeller – £15.00

Fun. Lively. Fruity.

Funky, fruity intensive and sweet, Propeller is distinctly different from any other of our hats. Designed for pour over or Aeropress, it’s best sipped in the afternoon.
 – Roosa, Head of Coffee



Aruda, Papua New Guinea
Bourbon, Arusha, Blue Mountain, Mondo Novo/Natural
Various small holders
Single Origin

Flavour Profile

Light Dark
Tasting Notes
Strawberry Milkshake, Blueberries, Chocolate Ganache
Brewing Method
Filter Brewing Methods
  • Roasted in East London

  • Sustainable & Traceable

  • Award Winning

  • Home Subscription

More about this coffee

Propeller - Single Origin - Papua New Guinea

If you’re a pour-over brewer, Propeller is the coffee for you.

A charming example of a well-processed natural coffee from Papua New Guinea; it’s a flavourful and sweet cup of coffee with complex tasting notes.

Arufa Natural;

Arufa Natural Coffee refers to the Arufa region where the coffee is sourced and the specific processing of the cherries.
The network is established in both Jiwaka Province and Western Highlands Provinces. These highlands (1,520 to 1,770 metres above sea level) are flat lands as the valley is part of a huge plateau with stony mountains ridge bordering the edges. Particularly appreciated during the colonial era for its comfortable weather, astonishing landscape, rivers and soil fertility, large coffee and tea plantations were therefore established.
Today, these plantations have been split and given to the Papua Guineans. The coffee farming communities maintained the coffee gardens where Bourbon, Arusha, Blue Mountain varieties were planted and later on, Mondo Novo variety was introduced.
The Arusha Natural coffee is the result of a commitment to the production of high quality cherries and Monpi’s expertise for processing. Cherries are hand-picked by and sold at the Kindeng wet mill. Monpi then selects the best cherries , which are directly sun dried (omitting the pulping, fermenting and washing stages) for a period of about a month, before being hulled to green beans. The dry cherries are processed to green beans in the Kagamuga Monpi facility then moved to Goroka for the final cleaning process.

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