Meet Roosa, our new Head of Production

We made a very exciting appointment this week, when Roosa Jalonen became our new Head of Production and Q Grader. We wanted to get to know her better so popped over and sat down for an introductory well-mannered coffee.

GB: Hello Roosa, welcome to The Gentlemen Baristas. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into coffee.

RJ: Hi, I am Roosa from Finland. I like all things sensory; specifically coffee and wine. I got into coffee over 9 years ago while studying in university.

GB: What's your roasting style?

RJ: My roasting style varies for different cultivars and origins, as well as considering what the purpose of the coffee is.

GB: What’s one thing most people don’t know about coffee but should?

RJ: Coffee is a seasonal product. Each origin has got their seasons, which we should take into consideration when purchasing coffee. You know how the taste of strawberries varies between winter and summer? This is more or less the same as how raw coffee behaves too.

GB: Do you have any tips on how to develop your palate?

RJ: I get this question a lot. You can develop your palate by just starting to think how things taste and smell. It sounds simple, but isn't necessarily. When you actually sit down for a meal and start thinking about every aspect and flavours of the dish and how for example a certain type of wine compliments these flavours, you are on your way to developing your palate more than you would think. I think one very important aspect is also to keep an open mind for new flavours.

GB: What's your go-to brewing method?

RJ: Filter. I start every day by brewing coffee with my pink Moccamaster (drip machine).

GB: Finally, which GBs hat is your favourite and why?

RJ: Propeller, it is fun and the coffee is fantastic.

Thanks Roosa.

Until next time, pip-pip.