Introducing Toque

We very proudly launched our new single origin coffee hat, Toque. It’s in partnership with The Burnt Chef Project, a charity that helps support mental health awareness across the hospitality industry, and 20% of all proceeds will go directly to the campaign.

We think it’s a really important cause as 8 out of 10 hospitality professionals have experienced at least one mental health issue during their career.

It’s available online and in our coffee houses in 250g and 1kg bags. Thanks to everyone who’s supported it so far.

Its arrival sent us down a very rewarding culinary and French history internet wormhole. Highly recommended. Here’s what we learned:

A toque blanche (French for white hat), or just toque between pals, has been worn by chefs for 200 years. Boucher, the personal maitre d of the statesman, Talleyrand, is thought to have been the first person to insist on his chefs wearing toques, his chefs, by the way, included Marie-Antoine Carême, often referred to as the first celebrity chef.

We’re very proud to be part of such an important campaign especially during lockdown. You can support the project by buying a bag of Toque here.

Thanks again. Pip pip.