JUST LAUNCHED: No Waste Coffee - Test Roasts Too Good To Waste

We know how to roast and brew some damn good coffee, but we’re also wholeheartedly passionate about reducing the impact of everything we do, with the ultimate goal of driving a sustainable coffee culture through action, not just words.

For each of our specialty coffee 'hats' we carry out different test roasts to ensure that your coffee meet your expectations (in terms of taste and profile) each and every time. Sometimes these roasts are not perfect - it’s our research and development moment - and might not meet our exact quality standards, but we believe this coffee is still far too good to waste.

So, we’ve created our very own No Waste Coffee - our equivalent of wonky veg - a rather nice combo of our different test roasts (which are still top drawer) for your day-to-day drips and sips, whether for filter or espresso. Rather than it all ending up in landfill, we’d rather sell these test roasts to you lovely people at a lower price. Because we’re nice like that.

Remember, every bag of No Waste Coffee will vary depending on our roasting ‘mistakes’, but that makes it all the more fun as you never know exactly what you are getting. But rest assured it’s still going to be delicious specialty coffee; it’s just never going to be on The Gentlemen Baristas Coffee House menu.