Introducing... Our Winter Exclusive Coffee

When it comes to varieties, the Brazilian Pink Bourbon is widely considered to be like the hidden gem of specialty coffee. 

Rarer and more challenging to grow than conventional Brazilian varieties (which are usually associated with being nutty and chocolaty), our limited-edition Pink Bourbon coffee is produced by Boram and Stefano Um who work on their family owned Fazenda Um coffee farm, in a region well-known for producing some of the best coffees in Brazil. It’s a showcase and a celebration of the now and next of Brazilian Coffee, and how they are constantly looking to raise the quality bar. 
Pink Bourbon coffees are characterised by a vibrant and crisp acidity, with nuanced floral and fruity notes - all of which have been elevated and accentuated by this seasonal crop’s fertile soils, lush climate, meticulous picking and the controlled fermentation process it lovingly goes through. 

This Pink Bourbon has been fermented for 48h in anaerobic environment to enhance the fruity flavours in the cup. After the fermentation the coffee is dried in a temperature and humidity controlled dark room for 45 days to preserve all the beautiful flavours this coffee has to offer. 

Our Winter Exclusive Pink Bourbon coffee is competition quality, but at a price that’s right for you. 

It is a joy to behold - a true cup of excellence.

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