Barista recipes: Deerstalker coffee using an espresso machine

the gentlemen baristas deerstalker espresso

Our brew at home coffee recipe collection continues and this one is perfect for espresso drinkers. We’re using one of our favourite hats, our smooth and versatile espresso houseblend, Deerstalker.

We serve this coffee in all of our coffee houses as the house espresso. We suggest using freshly ground coffee (fine grind size), scale and filtered water in your machine.

Here is our ‘how to brew’ recipe

1. Dose ~17g of freshly ground coffee into the portafilter. Make sure the basket is clean, prior to dosing your coffee.
2. Tamp the coffee bed, making sure it is level and even before carefully locking the portafilter into the group head.
3. Arrange your favourite cup(s) underneath the spouts and as soon as possible, start brewing the coffee.
4. Brew the coffee roughly around 27-31seconds
5. In this time you should have a total yield of ~36g of espresso in your cup(s)
6. Stir and enjoy immediately. If using milk, steam it to perfection and make some crafty latte art.

As always if you have any questions our baristas are always happy to talk coffee in our coffee houses and our DMs are always open.

Happy brewing. Pip pip.

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