V60 Recipe - 250ml (one cup)


  • Coffee! (We recommend our Propeller) 15g ground to medium size
  • V60 brewer and filter paper, plus a brewing vessel with 250ml capacity (can be your cup)
  • Water kettle (even better if calibrated or with a “goose neck”)
  • 250ml of hot water (93°C preferably filtered at 120 ppm)
  • Scale and timer


  • Place the filter paper in the V60 and rinse through with warm water, then place the filtered V60 on the brewing vessel and set up on the scale.
  • Place 15g of ground coffee in the V60 and shake to level it. Then tare the scale to zero.
  • Start the timer and pour 50g of water on the coffee bed. Stir gently and wet the coffee.
  • At 45 seconds start pouring again, with a slow rate and a circular motion around the centre of the coffee bed. Try to be consistent in the way you pour. Continue to pour until you reach 150g. Then swirl gently to clean the walls of the filter from the coffee grounds.
  • At 1 minute 45 seconds start pouring again in the same fashion, until you reach a total weight of 250g. Swirl the V60 gently and wait for all the water to flow down.
  • Aim for a total brew time (from first pour to last drop of water into the brewing vessel) of 2:30-3 minutes.
  • Stir the coffee to mix all the layer, pour in your favourite cup and enjoy!
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