Our Story

Despite its relative youth, our coffee house has developed in to a place where people from all over London, from all walks of life, come to meet. Everyone from students to successful entrepreneurs, actors, doctors, and nurses frequent our house.

Since 1698, when the London coffee house cemented itself as the quintessential melting pot of political, philosophical and creative debate, independent businesses have competed to serve the best cup of ‘syrup of soot and essence of old shoes’.

Today, no more will ‘essence of old shoes’ satisfy our discerning palettes, but the vibrant social scene has remained as popular as ever. We opened our doors with the aim to recapture the spirit of coffee houses of old; offering the best coffee, the best food and the best service we can.

We have a tagline. We thought it was important. Manners are key - they're important, they're neglected, and people do care about them. They go to the core of our identity; we are upright and correct, and strive to evoke the best of a period gone by, it is:

Well-mannered coffee

The first floor of our house has been re-imagined as a modern-day larder with 23 covers to take the place of our coffee school, now residing at Store Street.

Downstairs will be open as a place to head to for after-work drinks, charcuterie, cheese and various nibbles.

Upstairs, chef Tom will be offering a selection of dishes from their larder in a convivial, informal space.

Our school offers informal education for everyone. Whether you are keen to get the most out of your coffee at home, or are looking to build upon your skills as a professional barista, at The Gentlemen Baristas we offer a range of courses from our home at Store Street.

From the cherry through to the cup, you will learn the fundamentals of what goes into making coffee. Hands on from the start, you will grind, taste and brew your way to a greater understanding of the techniques involved in getting the best out of the beans.

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