Coffee Community

You Buy, We Give

Born in London’s East End, The Gentlemen Baristas is a well-mannered, well-meaning and community-spirited coffee company. The Gentlemen Baristas don’t just want to make coffee (although we’re particularly proud of our award-winning brews and London roastery), we also want to be a true neighbourhood participant, playing a role in the lives of the people that come with us.

We know the need for funds in community-based, grassroots XXX clubs are increasing year-on-year. But, as the economic impact of the pandemic continues to be felt, sponsors are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Donations at this level of the game can make a massive difference; lack of them devastating.

With this in mind, we want to try and give something back to you - and the things you really care about - locally by ensuring the coffee choices you make can immediately impact your favourite community XXX club.

Our “You Buy, We Give” initiative is designed to incentivise your coffee purchases with us and do good in your community. Because if supporters of the XXXX club buy from our coffee subscription service, not only will we give you XX% Off, but in return we’ll match that XX% and donate it to your club to spend on whatever they need (insert examples). No strings attached.

Everyone wins. You get our award-winning coffee for a fraction of the normal price. Your club gets the vital cash it needs to grow and support the superstars of tomorrow. We’ll even throw in free coffees for your supporters on match days.

So, be a hero and help your local heroes. With no middlemen or other organisations involved, if we roll up our collective sleeves and work together, we can make a real difference where it really matters. The impact could be substantial.

The Gentlemen Baristas is dedicated to helping your community clubs - one cup of coffee at a time. This story starts and ends with you.