Racer - Single Origin - El Salvador

Racer - Single Origin - El Salvador

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Origin: La Montanita, Morazan, El Salvador
Cultivar: Red Bourbon
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1100-1665m
Tasting Notes: Red Apple, Sultanas, Milk Chocolate 

Racer is a perfect coffee for those who like sweet, fruity and chocolaty notes from their everyday coffee. This natural processed single-origin espresso is also very tasty when served from a cafetiere.

This coffee comes from the Cooperativa San Carlos farm, that has 126 Associate members with their families, all living on the land together working on the farm as a group with the land split into 25 separate lots. San Carlos Dos is also part of the Blue Harvest Program (started 2016) run by Catholic Relief Services which looks at helping to address water tables and areas highlighted for water shortages in Central America.

They were chosen due to the Morazán department being highlighted as a potential area for famine due to the lack of water available and poor soil health. This program was initiated during a time when production was dropping and leaf rust 'la roya' causing devastation to the coffee lands in El Salvador.

This year due to the increase in the water table from the land management practises they are now able to supply water to the local town of Osicala who receive water every 4 days. In the future, there will be a pipeline built from the farm to the town so water is available every day when turning on the tap for the people there.

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