Well-Mannered, Brand Spanking, New London Roastery

We proudly roast our exceptionally ‘well-mannered’, award-winning, specialty coffee each and every day just for you. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. As dedicated followers and lovers of The Gentlemen Baristas, you’ll probably know that we’ve been doing this rather tremendous task in Shadwell since 2018. And we’ve loved every single minute of it.

We got some incredibly stem-winding news for you - that we’ve been keeping under our collective hats for some time now. We’re all bursting with excitement to finally share with you that we’re just about to throw open the doors of our new state-of-the-art coffee roastery in London’s Stratford. Bigger and better than ever, for lovers of coffee it’s going to be the gift that keeps on giving.

The reason we’re moving is that we’ve simply outgrown our old roastery space, where we were full-to-capacity, so our new Maryland Stratford roastery will allow us to more than double our weekly output. True to form, in our pursuit of crafting coffee excellence and defying consumer and partner expectations, our new space is going to be much, much more than a roastery. 

Beside space to hold the majority of our green bean stock - so we have exactly what we need, when we need it - we’re going to have our very own event space, cupping room and even a dedicated school, offering training for our baristas and the baristas of any partners we work with. Naturally, we want to make sure that our coffee reaches customers in tip-top shape - wherever they might be - and this is the best way to prove it.

And if that’s not enough we’re going to have an SCA specced school and a UKBC standard practice area - available for all budding baristas to use. We’re nice like that. 

From hand-selecting green beans (sourced by following seasonal harvests) and exceptional roasting methods, The Gentlemen Baristas believe that from cherry to cup, a decent cup of coffee is all about getting the most out of your beans. Our new roastery is going to shine a light on it all. And everyone’s welcome.

Make sure you stay tuned and up to date with all of the incredible events and activities we’ve got planned at the new place we call home. Sign up for more details here.