Introducing... Our Wholesale Team!

Here at the Gentlemen Baristas delivering ‘well-mannered’, award-winning, speciality coffee each-and-every day is what gets us out of bed in morning. With coffee houses across London and delighted customers nationwide, we proudly roast our exceptional beans for coffee lovers, cafes, restaurants and pubs across the land - at our new state-of-the-art roastery in London’s Stratford. 

We’re on a mission to create extraordinary coffee experiences - ones that serve, reflect, inspire, and improve the lives of our partners, one cup at a time. We believe that in order to achieve our mission we have to build a team around us just as passionate and dynamic as our founders, Henry Ayers and Edward Parkes. The Gentlemen Baristas is only as good as its people.

Embodying the Gentlemen Baristas spirit and ethos in spades, we are tremendously delighted to give you the lowdown on three upstanding folk who have come aboard our ever-expanding wholesale team, joining Henry Ayers, Fabio Cerami and Tegan Everett, and our Group Trainer, Ernie Jr Fernandez.

Driven to propel us and our partners (because success is greatest when shared) to the next level by delivering exceptional customer service and coffee excellence, Jonny Dawson joins us our Head of Wholesale, with Marcello Geraci and David Nickerson-Smith as Regional Wholesale Managers. And we’re as pleased as Punch to have them.

With a wealth of experience spanning coffee roasting and grading; machinery and equipment supply; retail implementation and training; research and development, these guys are second-to-none at delivering the Gentlemen Barista experience.

According to Dawson:

“We’ll stop at nothing to ensure we build long-lasting, meaningful relationships with all of our partners. It’s about establishing a nurturing environment, where we can listen and learn from each other to deliver better results. Ultimately, this is about ensuring coffee loving customers leave any establishment serving Gentlemen Baristas brews happy and wanting more. We want to work closely with our partners to help them take their businesses to the next level through education, training, problem solving and delivering excellent coffee that’s right for them.”

The Gentlemen Baristas are born collaborators, our team of friendly coffee experts and all-round good eggs are here to help. So, whatever your business coffee requirements might be, get in contact with our highly skilled, wonderful new wholesale team. They would love to chat with you.