Antonio's Japanese-style iced coffee recipe

The Japanese-style iced coffee is the easiest way to switch from hot to cold coffee using your everyday equipment. The ice in the vessel will react with the freshly brewed coffee, cooling it down but also retaining all the oils and acid so they contribute to the flavour, resulting in a very balanced and refreshing beverage. It’s my favourite way to enjoy an iced cup of filter coffee!

Ingredients + equipment

  • 20g of medium/fine ground coffee (ideally our Gatsby or Bowler)
  • V60 or Kalita Wave
  • 100g of ice
  • 200g of Filtered Hot water (93°)
  • Scales + timer
  • Spoon

  • Place the paper filter in your brewing vessel and rinse it with hot water.
  • Place the brewing vessel on top of a pouring vessel with the ice inside.
  • Place coffee in the vessel, Reset the scale and start the timer.
  • Pour 50g of hot water, gently stir the coffee, and wait 30 seconds.
  • Slowly pour the remaining 150g of hot water, then swirl the vessel and tap; wait until all the water is gone down.
  • Mix the resulting drink until all the ice is dissolved.
  • Pour the cool drink in a glass with other ice cubes in it.
  • Enjoy!

Until next time. Pip pip.