Monteblanco 150g - Limited Edition - Single Origin Colombia

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Origin: Huila, Colombia
Cultivar: Pink Bourbon
Process: Double Fermentation Washed 
Suited: Filter Brews
Tasting Notes: Fresh Cranberry, Fruitcake, Cinder Toffee

This exceptional single origin is from Huila, Colombia and featuring festive tasting notes of Fresh Cranberry, Fruitcake and Cinder Toffee. We recommend hand-brewing using V60, Kalita or Chemex, and drinking it black with no extra additions.

Rodrigo Sanchez from Monteblanco uses exciting and unusual processing methods at his farm. For this coffee, he fermented the cherries twice instead of the usual once. This increased the Brix readings in order to bring out more sweetness and complexity from the coffee.

His Monteblanco farm gets its name from its location, at the very top of a mountain which is often surrounded by clouds. The farm sits on an elevation of 1,730 meters, where the first trees were planted in the 1980s.