Bowler - 100% Kenyan AA, Tambaya

Single origin 100% Kenya, Nyeri 250 g £8.00

Flavour Profile

Bright fruity acidity / Soft round chocolate caramel mouth feel / Blackcurrant


Grown by the famous Rumukia Tambaya Co-op, this tiny microlot is situated on the edge of a natural forest in Nyeri, Kenya. The forest provided natural shade and an unspoilt habitat for the indigenous wildlife and birds. This blend uses varieties the outstanding Arabica varieties SL34 and SL28 and won an award at the Africa Taste of Harvest competition, held by the Africa Fine Coffee Association in February 2013. This coffee is Wet Processed meaning all the soft fruit, including skin, pulp and mucilage is removed before the coffee is dried.

Farm Information

  • Altitude: -
  • Country: Kenya
  • Harvest Period: -
  • Location: Nyeri
  • Process: -
  • Size of Farm: Co-op
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