Our Team

Having a diverse team of people from all backgrounds means the world to us. These are just some of the clever people behind your well-mannered morning juice.



Coffee order: "I love all coffee but Aeropress is my favourite method. Made with Bowler or Boater coffee. And enjoyed with a cake or a good book. Or both."

Why they're a good egg: Started it all with Henry. A lovely man and an inspiring boss. He did not pay us to write this. Well he did literally but not like that.


Coffee Order: "Crikey isn’t that a question. For me it’s a chemex in the morning (Bowler or Tophat), mid-morning I often mix it up with something a little crazy followed by a floral espresso later. From lunch time on it’s filter. And I never drink coffee after 3pm*."

*Except on days of the week with a ‘y’  in them.

Why they're a good egg: Started it all with Ed.  A tremendous person with bags of energy (and coffee). A wise man. He also did not pay us to write this. Well he did literally but not like that.

Key Team Members


Coffee order: "Drip filter, V60 or Kalita, I also often “drink" my coffees via espresso QC or cuppings. But generally I start every day with a 500ml brew of filter coffee, no sugar, no milk. My guilty pleasure is oat m*lk mocha on Fridays, YUM. I generally like to drink anything that is in season at that current time."

Why they're a good egg: Q Grader. Life of the party. Excellent baker. A cool-as-you-like Finn.

Ernie – Group Barista Trainer

Coffee order: "If I have to make my own coffee I prepare a banging flat white using a single origin natural process like our Racer hat. Most days I enjoy a good Kalita brew or batch brew as I like to experience nuanced flavours in coffee, especially experimental processes but overall I drink anything and everything, it's in my blood."

Why they're a good egg: A busy man who definitely earn-ies his keep. Ernie is a coffee art genius, magician and wizard all rolled into one. Big skills and bigger smiles.

Malika – Head of People

Coffee order: A coffee addict. Skinny latte with our Deerstalker in the morning and flat whites in the afternoon.

Why they’re a good egg: Genuinely cares about people. A great listener. Can talk about food and drink all day.

Andreatte – Recruitment Manager

Coffee order: Oat milk flat white. Likes to mix up her Gentlemen Barista hat/bean of choice.

Why they’re a good egg: A brilliant listener, stays calm in every situation and knows where to find the best baristas and coffee talent.

Work with us

We’re always looking for passionate people to join our team. We welcome folk from all walks of life but do have one rule: you have to be a really friendly person.