Community has always been a big thing for us. Ever since day 1 we’ve wanted to be a part of something bigger, we like knowing our neighbours, and we love when customers turn into friends. So it’s important to us that we give back, to our community, to charity and to the environment.

We take sustainability seriously. All our coffee houses accept reusable tubs and reusable cups. Our customers save £1 on beans when they fill up on beans with their own tub and 20p every time they bring their own reusable cup. We also use reusable tubs for all our wholesale clients and electric vans to deliver our beans across London, if you spot one do give us a wave.

We’re proud to partner with Too Good To Go to help us waste as little food every day. Their mantra is ‘We dream of a planet with no food waste, and every day we’re working on making that a reality” and we’re very happy to help them in any way we can.

Our charity partner is TAP London and we do our best to help them fight homelessness. With the help of our generous customers using TAP-to-donate units in all our coffee houses, we’ve already raised more than £25,000.

We have a dedicated charity hat, too. So far proceeds from our Hats Off coffees has raised money for the NHS, the Burnt Chef Project, and World Coffee Research, a non-profit collaborative programme that does brilliant work, in the field and lab, improving coffee worldwide. And we’re always adding more charity partners.

We also work closely with the Well Grounded. They run a series of Specialty Coffee Training Academies for vulnerable adults. Empowering people with the skills, training, mentorship and qualifications they need to access work in the specialty coffee industry. We’re really proud to have hired baristas who have completed the training, and continued their training and development in the industry, and look forward to doing so again.