Boater - Single Origin - Colombia

Boater - Single Origin - Colombia

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Origin:  Huila, Colombia
Cultivar: Gesha, Typica, Pink Bourbon, Colombia Supremo
Process: Semi-Washed (Honey), Mixed Anaerobic Fermentation
Tasting Notes: Pink Grapefruit, Green Apple, Nectarine

Boater is our coffee for people who like their filter coffee to have complex flavours and bold 
aromatics. Designed to be suitable for all filter brewing techniques, this beautiful coffee boasts tasting notes of Pink Grapefruit, Green Apple, Nectarine
The coffee for this hat comes from a farmer called Rodrigo Perafan, from Cedro Alto coffee farmers collective, Colombia.

Cedro Alto is a vertically integrated organization made up of many small-scale coffee farmers that could never have direct access to roasters willing to pay fair prices for their microlots independently. Cedro Alto have banded together and enlisted the help of some non-farmers to challenge the traditional supply chain, reorganizing the coffee trade in a way that encourages progress for the community and quality coffee for the world.
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