Coffee Pods Festive Bundle

Coffee Pods Festive Bundle

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Coffee Pods Festive Bundle

Enjoy both variations of our Coffee Pods - Deerstalker and Tophat all in a lovely gift wrap band. 

Our original house blend, Deerstalker, is as popular as it is versatile especially as a coffee pod. A favourite with our customers who like milk with their brew. If a single-origin espresso first thing in the morning is your thing, you’ll love Tophat especially in our coffee pod. 

Our 100% home compostable, specialty coffee pods are kind to your taste buds and, because our capsules are made from 100% biobased material, kind to the planet, too. It’s never been easier to enjoy a cup of our famous well-mannered coffee at home.

Coming in packs of 10, fully biodegradable and compostable capsules. Also try in our Tophat single origin. 

Plus buying in a pack of 2 you get 30% off. What's not to love?

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