Toque - Single Origin - Kenya

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Origin: Muranga, Kenya
Cultivar: SL28, SL34, Batian
Process: Washed 
Altitude: 1950 m
Tasting Notes: Berry Compote, Dark Chocolate, Vibrant Acidity

Introducing Toque, our new limited edition hat in partnership with The Burnt Chef Project. 20% of all proceeds are donated to the charity to help raise awareness of mental health in the hospitality industry.

As this project is for charity, this product does not add to your total basket for Good Egg Membership free shipping.

Launched in May 2019 The Burnt Chef Project was setup with the sole intention of eradicating mental health stigma within hospitality. Together we can burn away mental health stigma within hospitality once and for all.

This coffee is sourced from a prestigious farm in the Muranga region of Kenya. A juicy and vibrant coffee with tasting notes of Berry Compote and Dark Chocolate. Best enjoyed as espresso and even more so as a filter.

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