Henry joins a webinar panel on reopening after Lockdown


Earlier this month, our co-founder Henry was a guest on The Macro Academy webinar. It was a really interesting and informative chat about going back to work after lockdown. 

And Henry was very honoured to be part of the conversation. 

For me it was a great opportunity to speak alongside Chris from The Burnt Chef project about a topic that’s more important than ever. People shouldn't be afraid to speak their mind, they need to reach out to seek advice, help and know that people around them care. Not just in the kitchens, it's front of house, coffee shops, hospitality... that's the nature of my business and it's fundamental for us at The GBs, it's key to what we are. We're a family and a family should be able to talk to each other and know that there are people there who care. 

I'm really grateful to Marco for the opportunity and hopefully we can raise more awareness.”

You can watch the Webinar here